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Ceramics and Sculpture

Glass & Jewelry

Classes are 8-weeks long unless noted. To see Winter Garden classes, click on link in yellow bar at top.

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Fall II 2017

October 30, 2017 – January 21, 2018

Directed since 2004 by internationally known clay artist and longtime Crealdé faculty member Vincent Sansone, Crealdé’s Ceramics & Sculpture department offers beginning sculpture courses concentrating on traditional clay work while more advanced courses utilize non-traditional materials, varied mediums and processes. An introductory bronze casting course is also offered and participants can use Crealdé's on-site foundry to cast pieces.

Ceramics courses begin with basic handbuilding and wheel throwing classes and progress to intermediate- and advanced-level courses, in which students can refine their skills and work with additional glazing materials, developing a personal style. Work is fired in electric and gas kilns. The program has a liberal open studio policy, which enables students to work independently.

The department also offers beginning and intermediate classes in fabric painting, textile design and jewelry-making. Visiting Artists Workshops have included coppersmithing, welding and have produced collaborative pieces of art permanently installed in our Contemporary Sculpture Garden.

Shown at left: Sculpture teacher David Cumbie with a model.

Ceramics and Sculpture Ceramics and Sculpture Ceramics and Sculpture


WKS10 Sculpting the Human Head
Instructor: David Cumbie

Saturday & Sunday, 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6, November 4-5, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is a week prior to workshop
Sculpt a life size head.  Learn proportions of the head and techniques for creating facial features during this intensive two-day workshop. Students will be responsible for buying a 25 pound bag of clay which will be available in class. All levels of talent welcome.
Members $230 • Non-members $250

WKS15 Figure Study in Clay with Live Model
Instructor: David Cumbie
Saturday-Sunday, September 30-October 1, 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6, Fall I
Saturday-Sunday, December 2-3, 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is a week prior to workshop
Determine how to proportion your sculpture while sculpting a model in sitting and reclining poses. Learn to use water-based clay and sculpting tools. Create four pieces that will be fired at the end of the workshop. All levels.
Members $275 • Non-members $295

WKS16 Welding Workshop        
Instructor: David Cumbie
Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6
November 11-12, Fall II
December 11-12, Fall II
January 6-7, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is a week prior to workshop
Join this veteran welder in designing small sculptures over a weekend. Practice cutting and basic welding techniques, while creating artwork from found objects. No experience needed.
Members $275 • Non-members $295
David Lee Cumbie, Sculpture Studio Manager; Senior Faculty, Sculpture; and Curator, Contemporary Sculpture Garden. Devoted to the art of sculpture, Cumbie is a one-man institution at Crealdé School of Art, where he joined the faculty in 1980. He directs the sculpture program, teaches classes and workshops to adults and youth, including mold-making, clay sculpture, bronze casting and independent study. Cumbie also is an Assistant Professor of Art Sculpture at Valencia College. He manages the Crealdé on-site bronze foundry, which is the only such community-based facility in Central Florida. For more than 20 years, Cumbie has curated the lakeside sculpture garden, which is home to more than 60 pieces that represent art work created in Central Florida. He studied art with a concentration in sculpture at in his home state of North Carolina at Brevard College and the University of North Carolina. His work has been commissioned for inclusion in public and private collections in the United States and Europe.



WKF08 Figurine in Air-Dry Clay
Instructor: Regine Dossche     
Saturday, November 4, 9 am-1 pm, Studio 7, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to workshop
Learn how to work with air-dry clay to produce a clay figurine.  Students have the choice to finish it into a figure with a real Bronze look or into a figure with a bluestone effect.  The workshop is great for all levels. No experience is necessary.
Members $140 • Non-members $160

WKT40 Heads Up Workshop
Instructor: Vince Sansone
Friday, December 15, 1:30-5:30 pm, Studio 4
Withdrawal deadline is a week prior to start date
Here’s a chance to sit around the table and play. Learn to use the pinch forming method to make small heads. Manipulate the clay from inside the form to enhance facial features before closing it up. Design a base for the head when you make it. The last hour will be used to show ways of decorating and glazing.  
Member/Non-Members $50
A revered artist and educator with 50 years of experience as a professional potter, Vincent Sansone joined the Crealdé faculty in the early 1970s and is the longstanding Ceramics Studio and Program Manager. Sansone also teaches at Valencia College, where he is an Assistant Professor of Ceramics Art. Sansone was awarded his MFA in Ceramics and his BFA in Painting at Southern Illinois University, and he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. His whimsical creations have been exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally, and are held in numerous private and public collections. He conducts workshops throughout the Southeast, and regular exhibits in galleries and art festivals. He continues to receive awards and recognitions, and serves as a judge at local and regional art exhibitions. Website:

WKYA2 Christmas Trees—A Holiday Tradition in Clay  
Child (ages 5 and up) and Adult Workshop
Instructor: Doug Bringle
Fall II

Sunday, November 26 & December 3, 1-4pm, Studio 7
Make colorful clay Christmas trees, complete with your personal handmade ornaments.  Directions are clear so everyone can create yuletide treasures.  Single adults welcome!
Members $100 • Non-members $120

Glass & Jewelry Workshops

WKJ22 Metal Folding & Forming
Instructor: Stefan Alexandres
Sunday, January 14, 10 am-3 pm, Studio 7, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to start date
Explore metal folding and forming as a unique process for jewelry-making. Participants will learn to design and the precision techniques necessary to make a series of small-scale samples for sculptural jewelry. This course will include equipment safety, design, material preparation, design execution. Create dimensional forms out of flat copper sheets without molds or stamps. All supplies included
Members $90 • Non-members $110

WKJ31 Cold Connections & Riveting
Instructor: Stefan Alexandres 
Sunday, January 14, 3:30-8:30 pm, Studio 7, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to start date
Cold connections and riveting can be creatively applied to metalsmithing, mixed media, found objects and jewelry. It’s an easy way to marry different kinds of materials together, like wood to metal or plastic. No soldering or gluing is required with this method. Tools, copper and brass materials are included for the class. If you would like to work on silver, bring your own. Learn how to set a rivet and make your own special rivets with silver, copper and brass from raw materials.
Members $80 • Non-members $100

WKJ06 Window Pendant Workshop
Instructor: Fahan "Sky" McDonagh  
Saturday, December 2, 10am-2pm, Studio 7, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to start date
Transform natural objects such as petals, leaves, and small flowers into wearable works of art. Learn to design a unique piece of jewelry through instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on techniques. No experience necessary.  Suitable for all levels.
Members $115 • Non-members $135
Fahan Sky McDonagh is an Irish American raised in Melbourne Beach, Florida. She creates glass sculpture and jewelry inspired by experiences in nature. Central themes in her work are time and place often presented in a scientific manner. Fahan holds an MFA in Glass Sculpture from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA in Painting from University of Central Florida. She has been widely published and exhibited both nationally and internationally. Fahan currently continues a diligent studio practice in Orlando, Florida.

WKJ34 Jewelry from Reclaimed Vintage Knives
Instructor: Jan Jowers-Stephens
Sunday, November 19, Noon – 5 pm, Studio 7 Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to start date
Learn the art of repurposing beautiful vintage forks into art jewelry. Design and construct bracelets, rings, earrings, or pendants from vintage forks. Learn how to bend, polish, buff, set stones, texturize metal, stamp, patina, make cold connections and do simple wire work.  All supplies are included.
Members $145 • Non-members $165 


Fall 2017 Classes


TD122 Beginning Wheel Throwing
Instructor: Vince Sansone 
Tuesday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
Instructor: Barbara Bailey           
Thursday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
Learn to center, open and compress clay, and throw small cylinders on the potter’s wheel. Trimming, finishing, adding handles, feet and spouts make pieces ready to glaze and fire.
Members $215 • Non-members $235

TD135 Beginning Handbuilding
Instructor: Doug Bringle                              
Tuesday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
Don’t be intimidated by clay. This class gives you the chance to handbuild freely. The projects are explained step-by-step and based on pieces from children’s classes … from plates and bowls to animal rattles and lanterns. Come play with clay!
Members $215 • Non-members $235

TD172 Handbuilding Like the Ancients
Instructor: Doug Bringle
Monday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4 Fall I/II
Friday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
Over 10,000 years ago, humans started using clay jugs, bowls, baskets, platters, teapots, jewelry, tablets, statues, tiles, buildings – these have all been born from clay, a legacy of civilization. Use traditional coil, pinch and slab techniques to continue that legacy, creating vessels that harken back to ancient times.
Members $215 • Non-members $235

TD184 Surface Decoration for Pottery   
Instructor: Belinda Glennon
Thursday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, 6 Weeks, Studio 4, Fall II
Use handbuilt projects or thrown forms to explore surface decoration techniques. Experiment with sgrafitto, slip trailing, inlay and more to create unique and functional pottery.
Members $165 • Non-members $185

TD185 Beyond Round: Altered States
Instructor: Belinda Glennon      
Monday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 4, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II
Create animated pots – on and off the wheel – by altering thrown forms. Dart, pleat and facet pots with distinct personalities that invite use.
Members $165 • Non-members $185

TD228 Continuing Wheel Throwing
Instructor: Vince Sansone  
Monday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
Instructor: Vadim Malkin                            
Tuesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
Now that you’re comfortable with centering, let’s tickle the imagination and create bowls, cups and vases. This course covers beginner to advanced levels of wheel throwing, altering and glazing.
Members $225 • Non-members $245

TD231 3-D Design
Instructor: Vince Sansone
Wednesday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II
A design problem is given for the term, emphasizing one or two design elements in particular. Discussions about design and the finished pieces are a part of each class. If a base for the piece is needed, that becomes part of the discussion as well. Some hand-building skills are required.
Members $225 • Non-Members $245

TD238 Raku
Instructor: Vince Sansone   
Friday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 4, 6 Weeks, Fall II
Learn traditional raku firing and other postreduction firing techniques. The first four meetings will be spent making pieces for the firings. Some handbuilding skills are needed. Besides the traditional raku firing method, we will explore fuming and horsehair finishing techniques. Come and learn this exciting firing method with instant results.
Members $170 • Non-members $190

TD321 Advanced Ceramics 
Instructor: Vince Sansone
Wednesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4, Fall I/II  
An excellent choice for those who are seeking a continuation of skills already learned and to develop personal style and consistency. Working in series and sets is emphasized, as are refining, finishing and glazing. Demonstrations meet the needs of each student. Prerequisite: Intermediate Ceramics and Continuing Wheel Throwing or similar experience.
Members $230 • Non-members $250


SC124 Intro to Sculpture
Instructor: David Cumbie
Monday, 10 am-Noon, Studio 6, Fall I/II
Monday, 7:30-9:30 pm, Studio 6, Fall I/II
Students will work in clay to create  face masks, heads and figures to be fired in the kiln. Mold-making and casting will be demonstrated as part of the session.
Members $215 • Non-members $235  

SC137 Repoussage
Instructor: Stefan Alexandres
Wednesday, 10 am-2 pm, Studio 6, 4 Weeks, Fall II
Learn the centuries-old metalworking technique, repoussage.  Create raised designs by pushing and shaping malleable metal. Pieces can be used to create sculptures, jewelry, sculptural components used in mixed media art, or tiles using copper foils. No stamps or molds are used. All materials and tools are provided.
Members $215 • Non-Members $235

SC179 Intro to Mold Making
Instructor: David Cumbie
Thursday, 10 am-Noon, Studio 6, Fall I/Fall II
Explore a variety of mold-making techniques in creating small sculpture works. Students will make molds of clay, plaster, low-temperature wax, alginate and latex.
Members $235 • Non-members $255 

SC225 Continuing Sculpture Studies
Instructor: David Cumbie
Tuesday, 10am-noon, Studio 6, Fall I/II
Tuesday, 7:30-9:30 pm, Studio 6, Fall I/II
Friday, 10 am-Noon, Studio 6, Fall I/II  
The instructor assists intermediate and advanced students with ideas related to their personal projects. Problem-solving and discovering new materials and techniques will be a part of each class. Bronze casting and welding will be offered with the approval of the instructor. Prerequisite: Sculpture I or similar experience
Members $230 • Non-members $250

SC226 Introduction to Welding
Instructor: David Cumbie
Thursday, 10 am-Noon, Studio 6, Fall II
Create whimsical figures and abstract welded sculptures. Learn basic cutting and arc welding techniques using found objects and mild steel. Student are encouraged to bring in objects for their compositions. All supplies included.
 Members $275 • Non-members $295

SC127 Repousse Masks
Instructor: Stefan Alexandres                   
Monday, 10-2 pm, Foundry, 4 Weeks, Foundry, Starts Nov. 20, Fall II
Learn repousse techniques to create a unique mask. All tools and assembling materials are provided.
Members $235 • Non-members $255

SC130 Mixed Media Sculpture  
Instructor: Stefan Alexandres   
Monday, 3-7 pm, Foundry, 4 Weeks, Foundry, Starts Nov. 20, Fall II
Explore unconventional materials such as light bulbs, old tools, toys, photographs, and other found objects and assemble by incorporating rivets, wires, screws, staples, nails, thread, glue and plastic ties. Art piece can be displayed on table, floor, or wall. All tools and assembling materials are provided.
Members $215 • Non-members $235

Glass & Jewelry Classes

JG101 Introduction to Repoussé
Instructor: Stefan Alexandres
Wednesday, 3‐7 pm, Studio 6, 4 Weeks, Fall II
Every participant will explore the craft in-depth in four meetings for a total of 16 hours. Students will learn the bas‐relief technique with demonstrations and hands‐on assistance to practice the process. They will discover the ancient art of repoussé using handmade tools, hammers, punches and the pitch, and working the metal directly (without molds) to create relief sculptures in copper or silver. As repousse is used for sculptural jewelry and metalsmithing, it has endless design possibilities for wall relief murals, mirrors and more.
Members $215 • Non-members $235

JG102 Art of Stained Glass
Instructor: Robert Lennox
Wednesday, 1-3 pm, Studio 7, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II
Wednesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 7, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II
This is a class for beginners to learn the beautiful craft of stained glass. Students are introduced to glass cutting, pattern making, copper foiling and soldering techniques. No prior stained glass experience is needed, and students of all levels are welcome. Supplies are included.
Members $210 • Non-members $230

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