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Intro to Oil Painting (WG)

  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm
  • Instructor: Cathy Hempel
  • Location: Jessie Brock Community Center
  • Fee: $240

Learn techniques of paint handling, color mixing, mediums, glazing and toning through assignments and demonstrations. Repeat students are welcome to work independently with the instructor’s help.

Required Supplies

INTRODUCTION TO OIL PAINTING SUPPLY LIST You will not need the painting materials on the first day of class – I will supply the first two evenings and discuss items for those who may be unsure of what to buy. Supplies can also be ordered on-line through vendors such as Jerrys Artarama, Cheap Joes, Dick Blick, etc. Oil Paint: Colors needed: (Avoid paint labeled ‘hue’, example: ‘Cadmium Yellow Hue’, as hue means another pigment is substituted. A hue may not be as strongly pigmented.) 1. Titanium white 5. Lemon yellow/Hansa Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light 2. Alizarin crimson 6. Pthalo (Thalo) blue 3. Cadmium red light 7. Ultramarine blue 4. Cadmium yellow medium 8. Burnt Sienna Solvent/Medium: • Odorless solvents only! – Choose one of the below: - Turpenoid (blue and white can-available at Michaels/Joanne’s/Sam Flax/Art Systems) - Gamsol (Gamblin product-available at Sam Flax) • Medium – Choose one of the below: - Linquin – Available at Michaels/Joanne’s/Sam Flax/Art Systems) - Gaklyd (Gamblin product-available at Sam Flax) Palette: • Palette – Choose one of the below: - Disposable palette pad is best – 12”x16” (Choose gray if available) - Wood or plexiglass is okay (more clean up required at end of day-you will want a razor like the kind used to scrape dry paint from window panes to scrape paint off palette) • Palette box (If you want to save paint/take home paint on palette) - White plastic Tupperware-like box with red or blue lid sized to hold disposable palette pad (usually available at Michaels/Sam Flax) Brushes/Palette knife: • At least five filbert bristle brushes between sizes 3 and 10 • Metal Painting knife (Optional – I can supply these) Pointed tip instead of rounded tip) (I do not recommend plastic painting knives as they break too easily) Painting Surface: • Sized anywhere between 11x14 and 16x20 • Choose any of the following: canvas pad, canvas paper pad, canvas panel or stretched canvas Other: • Masking tape, paper towels, baby wipes, apron

Special Notes

Repeat students are welcome to work independently with the instructor’s help. Class is held at our teaching site in Winter Garden: Jessie Brock Community Center 310 N. Dillard Street, Winter Garden, 34787


Cathy Hempel

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Cathy Hempel
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