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Painting Florals in Watercolor

  • Class starts on: Tuesday, August 16, 2022
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Tuesdays | 09:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Location: Main Campus
  • Fee: $290


In this class, we will layer and mix colors to create soft, transparent petals, as well as capture the sturdiness and variety of color found in a stem. The class will be filled with creative exercises to keep your color vibrant and loose. As always, there will be a demonstration as a new concept is introduced. Be prepared to paint a lot in this class.

Required Supplies

Watercolor Paper Arches 140 lb. cold press full sheet (we will be working ¼ or ½ sheet) Palette Palette with a lid and large mixing area Paint Patty’s Basic Triad: Aureolin, permanent rose , cobalt Bring all your transparent colors. Although we will be working with the basic triad, we will be discussing broadening our transparent color choices Brushes 1” or 2” Hake brush #30 Goliath #789 made by Robert Simmons (or other large round brush), #10 round brush, ½” or 1” flat, fritch scrubber brushes Other Materials Gator board and masking tape Pencil, kneaded eraser 2 cups for water, Box of tissues or roll of toilet paper 1 cloth or rag (the size of washcloth, dishcloth, or hand towel) Tracing paper Hair dryer & spray bottle Please note: If you’ve painted before, bring in what you have and we can determine if you need to buy any further materials. Questions?: Contact Patty at or 321.277.9880


Patty Kane

Patty Kane's passion is painting with transparent watercolor using a limited palette. She says, "it is a process, which allows me to explore subject matter that inspires my creativity and passion for mixing colors".

Patty has won many awards for her Florida-themed paintings, most recently The People's Choice Award at 1st Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art and the "Lee Ackert" Award for Outstanding Color at Fort Myers Beach Art Association. She was granted "Art Educator of the Year" at the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs in 2010 and received a "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" for Keeping Hope Alive Through Art at an exhibition in Winter Park, Florida.

Patty Kane
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Painting Florals in Watercolor