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The Alice & William Jenkins Gallery

June 2 – August 31, 2017
Crealdé 36th Juried Student Show Exhibition

The exhibition features some of the best work from Crealdé's students working in painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and fiber arts.

Crealdé 36th Juried Student Exhibition Winners

Thank you to all the talented students that participated. Crealdé 36th Juried Student Exhibition was judged by Richard Colvin. Congratulations to the award winning artists:

Ceramics: 1st Place, Karyl Young, "Vessel II". 2nd Place, Kathy Salmieri, "Dreaming". 3rd Place, Debra Lupton, "Yuge". Honorable Mention, Mary Jo Corbett, "Tea Time". Awards sponsored by Florida Clay Art Co.

Sculpture, Jewelry & Glass: 1st Place, Carolyn Chace, "Teton Traveler". 2nd Place, Lynn Brenner-Katz, "Sensuality". 3rd Place, Mila Belle, "Fishbone Totem". Honorable Mention, Jeannie Baker, "Cuff Bracelet". Awards sponsored by Sam Flax.

Photography: 1st Place, Holly Manus, "Joe's Place". 2nd Place, Kucku Varghese, "Inside Out". 3rd Place, Ken Cashon, "Total Internal Reflectiions". Honorable Mention, Paula Keogh, "The Abandoned Greenhouse". Awards sponsored by Colonial Photo and Hobby.

Painting & Drawing: 1st Place, Robert Albertson,
"Chair in a Room. 2nd Place, Patricia Cavazos, "Censorship". 3rd Place, Cheryl Forney, "Three's Company". Honorable Mention, Ricki McCurdy, "My View". Awards sponsored by Art Systems of Central Florida.

This exhibition is funded in part by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program.


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