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Painting and Drawing

Painting & Drawing

Classes are 8-weeks long unless noted. To see Winter Garden classes, click on link in yellow bar at top.

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See the schedule for classses and workshops below.

Fall II 2017
October 30, 2017 – January 21, 2018

Crealdé's largest department, led by Director Barbara Tiffany, veteran Central Florida artist, employs more than 20 artistic educators and offers a comprehensive curriculum of more than 30 classes, including introductory and intermediate courses in design, printmaking, painting, drawing and basic watercolor, as well as advanced classes for serious art students, such as life drawing, abstract painting and portrait painting.

Figure drawing workshops are held every Sunday, and the two painting studios are regularly available for open afternoon sessions during the week. In addition, weekend Visiting Artist Workshops are offered throughout the year covering still life painting, mixed media collage and portrait painting with nationally and internationally recognized artists.

Painting and Drawing Painting and Drawing Painting and Drawing

Painting & Drawing Workshops

WKP83 Independent Study Watercolor Workshop
Instructor: Pat Weaver
Thursday to Saturday, October 26-28, 9 am-4 pm Studio 1A & 1B, Fall I
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to workshop start date
Through spontaneous and direct watercolor painting, learn the fundamental principles that will allow you to develop your own style.  This limited-palette-watercolor workshop is open to all levels and any subject may be painted.
Members $285 • Non-members $305
Pat Weaver is an accomplished watercolor artist teaching workshops across the United States and beyond. Pat is a signature life member and past president of the Florida Watercolor Society. Pat has been featured in numerous publications including: Journal of American Veterinary Medicine, American Artist, Watercolorists Magazine, and The Artist. Pat is the author of “Watercolor Simplified” published by North Light Books.

WKP85  Landscape Painting with Alcohol Ink
Instructor: Noreen Coup
Saturday, January 7, 10 am-4 pm Studio 1A, Fall II
Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to workshop start date
Explore color mixing, application techniques, texturing, and brushwork to create vibrant and colorful original landscape paintings using alcohol inks. Produce two 5"x7" pieces,  one 11"x14" piece, and a single 20"x26" painting. Students are to bring their own supplies. Minimum 7/Maximum students: 16
Members $125 • Non-members $145
A French-American fine artist known for her bold, bright and beautiful paintings. Noreen Coup earned her BA from Woodbury University in Los Angeles in Interior Design.

WKP75 Rooms with a View: Painting Interior Spaces
Instructor: Robert Ross
Saturday and Sunday, January 13-14, 9 am-4 pm Studio 1A/1B, Fall II

Withdrawal deadline is one week prior to workshop start date
In this two-day workshop, Robert Ross will give instruction on how to create a convincing interior space with oils. Interiors have traditionally involved domestic spaces, such as kitchens, living rooms, studios and bedrooms associated with privacy and intimacy, emotion and memory. Participants will learn to draw and paint both from direct observation and from their imagination. They will learn to capture a room's shapes, light and dark areas, as well as depict the human living that takes place in a room. The workshop is about perceptual painting, not architectural accuracy. Intermediate to advanced experience with oil painting is recommended.
Members $175 • Non-members $195
Robert Ross’s paintings have been exhibited in a growing number of venues throughout Central Florida, including Anita Wooten Gallery at Valencia State College, Winter Park City Hall, Orlando City Hall, Maitland City Hall, Orange County Chambers, Gallery at Avalon Island, and Casselberry Art House. He has been in the Winter Park Paint Out sponsored by the Albin Polasek Museum, and he has won several awards for his paintings in the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival. He received his art education at Oakland University, Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, and in master workshops taught by Stuart Shils. He is represented by Arts on Douglas Gallery in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Website:

Open Studios

PD030 Open Studio: Figure
Studio Monitor
Friday, 1-3:30 pm.  
Studio 1A

Students work in any medium from a live model who holds one pose the entire session. There is no instruction provided, but monitor is present. No photography allowed. No pre-registration is needed, but a Crealdé membership is encouraged.
Fee: $15 per session

PD031 Open Studio: Life Drawing
Studio Monitor: Daphne Storm
Sunday, 10 am-12:30 pm    
Studio 1A

Students work from a live model. The session begins with quick gestures, moving to longer poses. No photography allowed. No instruction is provided, but monitor is present. No pre-registration is needed, but a Crealdé membership is encouraged.
Fee: $15 per session

PD033 Open Studio
Studio Monitor: Marie Orban
Monday, 7:45-9:45 pm   
Studio 1A

Students work in any medium from a live model who holds one pose the entire session. No photography allowed. No instruction is provided, but monitor is present. No pre-registration is needed, but a Crealdé membership is encouraged.
Fee: $15 per session



Fall 2017 Classes

PD102 Intro to Drawing and Painting 
Instructor: Donne Bitner  
Monday, 6-8 pm, Studio 1B, Fall I/II 
Introduction to the fundamentals of drawing and painting. Sample various drawing and painting techniques using different media, including watercolors, acrylics and oils. Most supplies are provided.
Members $220 • Non-members $240 
PD103 Drawing I
Instructor:  Dennis Schmalstig                  
Tuesday, 5:30-7:30 pm, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Friday, 10 a.m.-Noon, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
Develop skills for measuring proportions and angles, drawing tones to show light and volume, perspective and composition. The goal is to learn techniques to draw realistically and develop perceptual awareness.
Members $210 • Non-members $230 
PD105 Intro to Printmaking
Instructor: David Hunter
Wednesday, 1:30-4:30 p.m., Studio 1B, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II
A student may focus on either intaglio (hard ground line etching, soft ground, dry point, various monochromatic and color printing techniques) or relief (linocuts including single-block, color printing with multiple blocks and reduction color techniques) printmaking techniques. Class limited to eight students.
Members $260 • Non-members $280 
PD119 Beginning Oil Painting
Instructor: Beth Pendleton          
Sunday, 2-5 pm, Studio 1A, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II
Each week students will apply specific painting principles, including drawing, values, composition, color theory and mixing, edge work, and brush and paint application. Open to beginners/ intermediate painters. (Fall I session will begin on Sunday, Sept. 10, due to Labor Day Weekend)
Members $235 • Non-members $255 
PD120 Fundamentals of Color
Instructor: Dennis Schmalstig
Tuesday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
This is a recommended course for painters of all levels, including beginners. Working with oil paint, learn to mix any color and improve color perception. Exercises enable students to represent what they see. Knowledge is applicable to all media. Canvas and paints are provided.
Members $220 • Non-members $240 
PD143 Exploring Abstract Painting
Instructor: Patricia Byron
Tuesday, 1-3 pm, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
This inspiring class offers a fundamental exploration into the beauty of abstract painting. Instruction concentrates on composition, techniques, form, texture and color. Students will develop their own artistic vision, while referencing the works of contemporary painters. Be ready to paint outside the lines.
Members $210 • Non-members $230
PD145 Beginning Watercolor
Instructor: Donne Bitner
Thursday, 5:30-7:30pm, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
Friday, 1-3 pm, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
Fear not, watercolor is nontoxic, spontaneous and beautiful. Demonstrations of color mixing, glazing, negative painting and techniques such as Saran Wrap and salt will help students understand the medium. We will cover all the basics - no experience needed.
Members $210 • Non-members $230 
PD149 Beginning Acrylics
Instructor: David Hunter
Tuesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
Wednesday, 10 am-Noon, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
Explore the methods, materials and tools involved with acrylic painting. Learn techniques used to produce a finished acrylic painting, from rough sketch to final finishing touches, including the use of various brushes, palette knives, canvases, clay boards and final coating to protect the finished image. Supplies will be discussed at the first class.
Members $210 • Non-members $230 
PD150 Painting with Pastels
Instructor: Gary Rupp
Tuesday, 9 am-Noon, Studio 1A, 6 Weeks, Fall II
Learn to paint with the purest form of color available to artists. Explore how-to's of working with pastels, including the use of various pastel surfaces; becoming familiar with hard and soft pastels; and finding the advantages of underpainting. Class will not meet on November 22. Last class will be held December 13. Open to all levels. Some experience with drawing/painting recommended.
 Members $205 • Non-members $225 
PD152 Beginning Pastels
Instructor: Terri Rickerson
Thursday, 9:30-11:30 am, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Explore a painting medium that has been gaining popularity. Students will paint with the creamy, pure color of softs pastels, and some hard pastels, on sanded paper. They will develop skills to express the light, shadow, and volume of objects in their paintings. This class touches on color theory and composition. Be ready to learn the process of layering soft layers of colors to create a glow. Some supplies provided.
Members $215 • Non-members $235 
PD201 Life Drawing
Instructor: Marie Orban               
Tuesday, 7:45-9:45 pm, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Explore figurative drawing through line contour, fast-gesture studies and longer sustained poses. Also covered are compositional and expressive issues involved in drawing the figure. Supply list available.
Members $245 • Non-members $265 
PD202 Portrait Drawing
Instructor: Dennis Schmalstig
Thursday, 7:45-9:45pm, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Learn the technical aspects of drawing the human head from a live model and other sources. Working in pencil and charcoal, students also are encouraged to explore the genre’s expressive possibilities. Bring drawing pad and graphite pencil to first class.
Members $245 • Non-members $265 
PD218 Still Life and Floral Paintings that Pop
Instructor: Stacy Barter
Monday, 9 am-3 pm, Studio 1A, 4 Weeks, Fall II
This class will focus on setting up strong shadow and light, accurate value and color relationships and how to create atmosphere and depth.  The class will begin with a demo and discussion on composing a powerful focus, followed by one on one instruction.  Students are encouraged to build from small or miniature pieces produced the first day.
Members $340 • Non-members $360 
PD249 Advanced Drawing
Instructor: Dennis Schmalstig   
Thursday, 5:30-7:30 pm, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Learn to draw like the old masters. Capture lines and tones accurately and develop your ability to capture fine details and transitions in tone using charcoal, pencil cross-hatch and conté crayon techniques. Learn how to make drawings that are works of art.
Members $215 • Non-members $235 
PD251 Painting Landscapes with Heart and Soul
Instructor: Robert Ross  
Thursday, 9 am-Noon, Studio 1B, 6 Weeks, Fall II
Capture your emotional response to a landscape using direct observation, sketches and photographs. Learn to look at a landscape for meaning, make quick decisions and work with a loaded brush. Some class sessions will be split between studio and outdoors. Students will receive personal assistance and critiques. Intermediate painting skills recommended. Members $245 • Non-members $265 
PD255 Advanced/Independent Oil & Acrylics - It's All About the Finish
Instructor: Patti Shistle     
Friday, 9 am-Noon, Studio 1A, 6 Weeks, Fall II
Students are challenged to bring unfinished paintings to the next level, and then begin a new still life, landscape or portrait. Receive one-on-one attention with demonstrations throughout the term. The study of the contrasts of values, colors and brushwork as well as the importance of composition will be explored and demonstrated. Get your frames ready!
Members $245 • Non-members $265 
PD259 Still-Life: Painting Beyond the Table
Instructor: Robert Ross
Wednesday, 6-9 pm, Studio 1B, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II 
Still-life paintings, originating in the Middle Ages as studies of food, flowers, and dead animals, are today about life, color, shape, and abstraction. The instructor will guide you through each still-life scene to include the studio space beyond. Work in any painting media or combination. Receive personal assistance, encouragement, and critiques.  Prerequisite: Intermediate painting experience.
Members $250 • Non-members $270  
PD260 Poetic Realities
Instructor: Dennis Schmalstig   
Wednesday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Create poetic interpretations of reality through visual observations. Learn techniques to transform basic elements of realism into unexpected combinations of lines, tones, and perspective.
Members $215 • Non-members $235
Maximum students:  12  
PD261 Intermediate Watercolor
Instructor: Patty Kane
Wednesday, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 6 weeks, Studio 1A, Fall I/II
Fall II class will begin on November 1.
Explore the beauty of layering watercolor and the value of using a limited palette through demonstrations and critiques. Learn traditional watercolor techniques and exercises designed to gain skills and confidence needed to tap into your creative side.
Members $245 • Non-members $265 
PD305 Portrait Painting
Instructor: Don Sondag
Wednesday, 6:45-9:45 pm, Studio 1A, 6 Weeks, Fall I/II
Working directly from the live model, students establish proportions and bone structure, using either oils or acrylics. Students concentrate on drawing, value and color to develop their paintings, with emphasis placed on achieving a likeness. Tuition includes model fees. Prerequisites: Intro to Oils, Fundamentals of Color, Portrait Drawing or similar experience.
Members $275 • Non-members $295 
PD323 Advanced Watercolor Studies
Instructor: Donne Bitner
Thursday, 2-4 pm, Studio 1B, Fall I/II
Designed for intermediate to advanced students, this class covers contemporary approaches to the medium. Projects will be proposed to challenge the student and give focus to improving each students' personal vision. Critiques are an important component of this class. Artwork reviews help students improve their work. Prerequisite Watercolor II or similar experience.
Members $225 • Non-members $245 

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