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The Crealdé Wet Darkroom on the main campus is available for rent.

Crealdé Darkroom Rental
Monday, 9 am-4 pm
Tuesday, 9 am-4 pm
Wednesday, 9 am-9 pm
Thursday, 9 am-4 pm
Friday, 9 am-1 pm
Saturday, noon-5 pm
The renovated wet darkroom on the main campus features 10 separate enlarging stations, which accommodate 35mm, 120 and 4x5-inch format film, plus a separate film processing area. A Crealdé membership is required. The fee is $70 for an 8-week session.

The new Digital Printing Lab is now open, but all users must first complete the Digital Printing Lab Workshop.

Crealdé Digital Printing Lab and Finishing Area
Wednesday, 6-9 pm
Saturday, Noon-5 pm
The Digital Printing Lab features an Epson archival pigmented ink printer and one computer workstation with Photoshop, plus two workstations equipped for laptops. The finishing area has a large mat cutter and space to frame photographs. User is responsible for supplying their own paper and framing supplies. All users must complete the Digital Print Lab workshop (WKPH50). There is no charge to use the lab but a Crealdé membership is encouraged.


Classes are 8-weeks long unless noted. To see Winter Garden classes, click on link in yellow bar at top.

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See the schedule for classses and workshops below.

Summer 2017
June 12 – August 5

Crealdé’s Photography Department offers over 20 classes designed for amateurs as well as serious students of photography and working fine art photographers who wish to enhance their technical and aesthetic skills. In addition to general courses in film and digital photography, the curriculum includes special topic courses, weekend workshops and field trips that cover classic themes such as landscapes, still lifes, architecture, portraiture and documentary photography. Crealdé offers classes in Basic Image Processing and a wide range of digital lab classes in a state-of-the-art digital classroom at the Hannibal Square Heritage Center.

The Crealdé Photography Guild meets monthly for presentations by established photographers, as well as offering reviews, image sharing, technical demonstrations and field trips. (See News & Events.)

Crealdé's Photography Guild will resume in the Fall.

Photography Photography Photography

Photography Workshops

KPH50 Digital Printing Lab
Instructor: Cynthia Slaughter

Tuesday, August 15
5:30-7 pm, Studio 5
Withdrawal deadline a week prior to start date.
In this introduction to Crealdé’s new digital darkroom and finishing area, learn the fundamentals of print, including how to adjust printer and computer settings for quality prints and select paper types. Students may have digital works selected to be printed during workshop demonstration and limited hands-on activities.
Members/Non-members $35
Cynthia Slaughter serves as the Photography Fellowship Manager and participates in the Studio Artist program. Her photographs were exhibited in the Crealdé “Business as Community Life: Winter Park 2013” and “St. Augustine at 450” documentary projects. She owns An Eye for U Photography and has received multiple awards for her work. Website:

WKPH43 Back Roads to Historic Places Along the Indian River
Instructor: Peter Schreyer

Saturday, July 8, 8 am-6 pm, Carpool from Crealdé
Photo Review: Wednesday, July 25 at 5 pm,
Heritage Center
Withdrawal deadline a week prior to start date.
Explore hidden architectural and cultural treasures along the Indian River between Cape Canaveral and Ponce Inlet. Participants will photograph historic small-town architecture, picturesque river landscapes, fish camps, a late 19th-century homestead, an ancient Indian mound and the beautifully restored lighthouse at Ponce Inlet. The workshop will provide a contemporary window into the region’s rich heritage. Demonstrations, lunch at a local fish restaurant on the river, admission and a follow-up review are included.
Members $95 • Non-members $115
Peter Schreyer is an internationally exhibited, award-winning photographer who has documented America’s cultural landscape for over three decades. He was named Arts Educator of the Year in 2009 by United Arts.

WKPH64 Beyond Reality: Exploring Abstract Photography NEW
Instructor: Jon Manchester

Saturday, July 29, 9 am-2 pm, Studio 3
Withdrawal deadline a week prior to start date.
First workshop offered in a series on abstract photography. Learn history, styles, techniques and principals of abstract photography. Workshop includes time to put these skills to use during an abstract photography session. Open to all levels.
Members $150 • Non-members $170
Jon Manchester, senior faculty member at Crealdé, brings years of traditional and digital photography experience to the school. His understanding of technical image processing and post-processing makes him a valuable student resource. Website:

WKPH59 Dreamlike Imagery using Multiple Exposure/ICM Photography
Instructor: Sherri Bunye

Saturday, August 12, 10 am-3 pm, Studio 3
Withdrawal deadline a week prior to start date.
Use nature, objects, and people in combinations by blending scenes together in multiple exposures and with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). Both techniques can create dreamlike images or images seeming to come from the outer reaches of the cosmos. Digital SLR camera required. Instructor will contact students prior to this workshop to ensure their camera has the necessary features. Open to all levels.
Members $150 • Non-members $170
Sherri Bunye teaches film and digital photography classes to adults and children at Crealdé, as well as instructing the Storytellers Teen Documentary Photography Project. She was awarded an United Arts Professional Development Grant in 2011, Crealdé Artist of the Year 2011 and has exhibited work throughout Central Florida. Website:

WKPH49 Understanding Metering & Exposure
Instructor: TBD

August 19, Sunday, 10 am-3 pm, Studio 3
Withdrawal deadline a week prior to start date.
Ever wonder why your images do not look like the ones you have envisioned in your mind’s eye? Create images you love by understanding how light works and how your camera sees it! Learn how to use the best metering setting within your camera to get the best exposure. Workshop includes hands-on exercises.
Members $150 • Non-members $170
Michael van Gelder is an Orlando-based commercial photographer who specializes in documenting musical and entertainment events. His work has appeared in a number of publications including Music Entertainment Magazine, All Access Music Magazine and Guitar Magazine. Website:


Summer 2017 Classes

Film-based Classes

Learn the basics of photography with a camera that uses film, leading to the art and techniques of processing traditional black-and-white photographs in a wet darkroom.

PH150 Introduction to Black-and-White Film Photography
Instructor: Peter Schreyer
Monday, 7–9 pm, Studio 5, 4 weeks, starts July 10
This four-week class will introduce students to black and white photography. Have you ever been curious about the world of traditional film-based black and white photography, and why a wave of people are re-discovering its beauty? Learn how to see and capture your environment in elegant grey tones and then process your film and images in Crealdé’s beautiful, completely renovated darkroom.
Members $110 • Non-members $130

Digital Classes

The following courses teach the art and techniques of digital photography using contemporary Single Lens Reflex cameras, including the use of programs such as Photoshop.

PH169 Basic Camera Settings
Instructor: Sherri Bunye
Sunday, 4-5:30 pm, Heritage Center
4 weeks, starts July 9
Learn essential camera settings and modes through in-class presentations and demonstrations. This workshop is ideal for beginning photographers looking to understand digital SLR camera settings.
Members $80 • Non-members $100

PH147 Digital Photography I
Instructor: Sherri Bunye
Monday, 7-9 pm, Studio 3, starts June 19
Tuesday, 10 am-Noon, Heritage Cente, starts June 20
Build a strong foundation for your photography and make better photographs by understanding exposure, metering, focus and composition. Hands-on demonstrations and assignments with follow-up reviews will reinforce how to control these systems by adjustments to camera features such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and the impact these settings have on the aesthetics of photographs.
Members $210 • Non-members $230

PH148 Digital Photography II
Instructor: Jon Manchester
Wednesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 5
Delve deep into photography by learning techniques in composition, lighting, flash and special equipment. Instruction and assignments give students the opportunity to advance their skill. Prerequisite: Digital Photography I or equivalent.
Members $210 • Non-members $230

PH258 Basic Image Processing
Instructor: Jon Manchester
Wednesday, 10 am-Noon, Heritage Center
Using Lightroom and Photoshop, students learn the fundamentals of image processing with two of today’s most popular image processing tools. Learn two basic image enhancement workflows will be covered. The first, workflow will combine the best features of Lightroom and Photoshop. The second, workflow will be a Photoshop-only workflow.
Members $225 • Non-members $245

Combined Digital & Film

In-depth exploration of various photographic topics and themes, applicable to digital or film, color or black-and-white photography.

PH166 Macro Photography
Instructor: Milton Heiberg
Monday, 7:00-9:00 pm, 4 weeks, Heritage Center
Learn new skills needed to capture the fascinating world of small nature subjects, using various macro photography. Explore macro subjects from wildflowers to flying insects during this four-week class.
Members $110 • Non-members $130

PH253 The Natural Landscape
Instructor: Milton Heiberg
Tuesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 5
Explore how to look at a landscape, capture the best light, and what to include and leave out. Learn how to see and control forms of composition, and using HDR in your landscapes. Practice new skills during weekend field trips.
Members $220 • Non-members $240


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