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Winter Garden Art Classes

Classes are 8-weeks long unless noted.

Winter Garden

Registration is open for the Summer and Fall I Sessions!

Summer Session 2016
Adult: June 20 –August 13
Young Adults Program: June 20 – July 30

Fall I Session 2016
Adult: August 22 – October 15
YAP: August 22 – October 1

Winter Garden only: Registration is open for both the Summer and Fall I sessions, and registration can be completed online for returning students. First-time students should call the Crealdé main office at 407.671.1886 to receive the Winter Garden discount.

See the schedule for Classes and Workshops.

Crealdé School of Art, in partnership with the City of Winter Garden, offers a selection of Painting & Drawing, Ceramics and Photography classes for adults and youth at the Jessie Brock Community Center, 310 N. Dillard St., located four blocks from Winter Garden’s historic downtown area. Register through Crealdé School of Art by phone 407.671.1886 or online at



WG/YAP101 Pint-Size Picassos, Ages 7-11 SOLD OUT
Instructor: Trish Cortes
Saturday, 9:30-10:30 am, 6 weeks, Summer & Fall I
Like to draw and paint? Explore the many ways to make art using pastels, paints, watercolors and other materials. A fun introductory experience for fledgling artists.
Members/WG Residents $100 • Non-Members $120

WG/YAP108 Mini Monets, Ages 4-7
Instructor: Trish Cortes
Saturday, 11 am-noon, 6 weeks, Summer & Fall I
Budding artists will experience the fascinating world of art-making with hands-on projects in watercolors, pastels, collage and more. Fledgling artists explore self-experssion in a nurturing environment.
Members/WG Residents $100 • Non-Members $120

WG/YAP112 Clay Creations, Ages 5-8
Instructor: Paula Davis
Thursday, 9:30-10:30 am, 6 weeks, Summer & Fall I
Pinch, squeeze, roll! Have fun creating critters, cups and other objects with clay, using simple handbuilding techniques.
Members/WG Residents $100 • Non-Members $120

WG/YAP204 Creating with Clay, Ages 8-14
Instructor: Belinda Glennon
Tuesday, 3:30-5 pm, 6 weeks, Summer only
Bring your imagination and explore the plasticity of clay, as you use handbuilding techniques to build functional pots and animal sculptures. Embellish them with glazes, and take home your ceramic keepsakes.
Members/WG Residents $110 • Non-Members $130

WG/YAP208 Wheelthrowing & More, Ages 10-16
Instructor: Belinda Glennon
Tuesday, 3:30-5 pm, 6 weeks, Fall I only

Experience the wonder of the wheel as you shape a soft clay ball into a pot. Learn to combine thrown and handbuilt forms to create exciting clay vessels. Decorate and glaze for functional pottery.
Members/WG Residents $120 • Non-Members $140

WG/YAP308 Creative Expression in 2-D,
Ages 10-14
Instructor: Patricia Byron
Monday, 3:30-5 pm, 6 weeks, Fall I only
Calling all young artists who love to paint and draw! Explore your creative potential through acrylic paint, watercolors, charcoal and pastels on canvas and paper. Experiment with painting and drawing techniques, composition and color theory. Say it with art!
Members/WG Residents $120 • Non-Members $140

With parental permission, self-motivated young adults (ages 14 to 17) are welcome to enroll in adult Painting & Drawing and Ceramics classes.


WG/TD122 Beginning Wheel Throwing
Instructor: Belinda Glennon
Tuesday, 6-8 pm, 6 weeks, Fall I only
Cups, bowls, and plates – learn to throw functional forms on the potter’s wheel. Discover how trimming, decorating and glazing create unique vessels for everyday use.
Members/WG Residents $165 • Non-Members $185

WG/TD137 Serving Vessels
Instructor: Belinda Glennon
Tuesday, 6-8 pm, 6 weeks, Summer only
Platters, pitchers, bowls and butter dishes – explore surface texture and form, as you build pottery pieces to gather, store and present food. Create handbuilt clay vessels that enrich and personalize your everyday rituals. Suitable for all levels.
Members/WG Residents $155 • Non-Members $175


WG/PD102 Introduction to Drawing CANCELED
& Painting
Instructor: Cathy Hempel
Thursday, 6-8 pm, Summer & Fall I
Open to beginning students as an introduction to the fundamentals of art while sampling various drawing and painting techniques using different media, including watercolors, acrylics and oils.
Members/WG Residents $215 • Non-Members $235

Instructor: Prayong Deeying
Monday, 6-8 pm, Summer & Fall I
This class covers basic principles of drawing and composition. Students will learn techniques of measuring angles and proportions to create accurate line drawings, techniques of shading to create light and volume, and principles of composition to create dynamic, engaging images.
Members/WG Residents $205 • Non-Members $225

WG/PD104 Watercolor I
Instructor: Prayong Deeying
Wednesday, 3-5 pm, Summer & Fall I

Explore the classical world of watercolor, and develop a firm grounding in traditional approaches and techniques.
Members/WG Residents $205 • Non-Members $225

WG/PD119 Introduction to Oil Painting
Instructor: Cathy Hempel
Wednesday, 6-8 pm, Summer & Fall I
Learn techniques of paint handling, color mixing, mediums, glazing and toning through assignments and demonstrations. Repeat students are welcome to work independently with the instructor’s help.
Members/WG Residents $205 • Non-Members $225

WG/PD130 Powerful Landscapes CANCELED
Instructor: Beatrice Athanas
Wednesday, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 6 weeks, Summer only

Be bold with color and texture in this class devoted to interpretive landscape painting in all mediums. Students are welcome to work on their own projects with the instructor’s guidance for personal development of their own style.
Members/WG Residents $225 • Non-Members $245

WG/PD143 Exploring Abstract Paintings
Instructor: Patricia Byron
Monday, 11 am-1:30 pm, 6 weeks, Fall I only
This inspiring class offers a fundamental exploration into the beauty of abstract painting. Instruction concentrates on composition, techniques, form, texture and color. Students will develop their own artistic visions, while referencing the works of contemporary painters.
Members/WG Residents $225 • Non-Members $245

WG/PD252 Painting a Still Life
Instructor: Noreen Coup
Tuesday, 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 6 weeks, Fall I only
Intermediate students will work from life to focus on composition, light and color. All media welcome. Instructor works in oil. class willmeet for six weeks from Aug. 23-Oct. 11. There will be no class on Sept. 6 and 13.
Members/WG Residents $250 • Non-Members $270


WG/PH46 Basic Camera Settings
Instructor: Sherri Bunye
Thursday, 6-8 pm, 4 weeks, Summer
Learn essential camera settings and modes through in-class presentations and demonstrations. This workshop is ideal for beginning photographers looking to understand digital SLR camera settings.
Members/WG Residents $75 • Non-Members $95

WG/PH147 Digital Photography I
Instructor: Sherri Bunye
Monday, 6-8 pm, Summer & Fall
Through instruction and assignments, learn essential photography concepts such as exposure, composition and lighting. Understanding camera settings and how to adjust aperture and shutter speeds will allow students to gain creative control of their work.
Members/WG Residents $210 • Non-Members $230

WG/PH148 Digital Photography II CANCELED
Instructor: Michael van Gelder
Wednesday, 6-8 pm, Summer & Fall I
Through in-depth assignments, field trips and reviews, students delve deeper into composition, lighting and special equipment. In-class demonstrations on manipulating images for printing and posting online are included.
Members/WG Residents $210 • Non-Members $230

WG/PH241 Photography III
Instructor: Peter Schreyer
Thursday, 6-8 pm, 8 weeks, Fall I
Landscape, portrait, documentary and night photography themes are examined through lectures, slide presentations, assignments, critiques and field trips. Designed for the visual and photographic growth of intermediate students working in film or dital, color of black-and-white.
Members/WG Residents $220 • Non-Members $240

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