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Large Format Photography

  • Class starts on: Tuesday, March 29, 2022
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Tuesdays | 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
  • Location: Main Campus
  • Fee: $280


This advanced course is designed for students considering work with large format cameras using sheet film. Information will be presented on how to select this type of camera, image management and development, and how to print negatives. Students will gain a basic understanding of the view camera’s movements as a creative tool with artistic applications. Includes an overview of the Zone System method for exposure and processing. Skill level: Advanced.

Required Supplies

Four (4 x 5) loaner cameras are available for use during this class.

Special Notes

Prerequisite: Film I or black-and-white darkroom experience.


Jon P. Manchester

A photographer and photo educator originally from Colorado, Jon P. Manchester brings 30 years of traditional and digital photography experience to the school. His understanding of fine art photography, technical image processing and post-processing has made him a valuable student resource. Manchester was influenced by his mentor, Rick Lang, the late Director of Photography at Crealdé. He says he greatly admired the way Lang related to his students, opening a collaboration of knowledge and learning as much from them as they learned from him.

Jon P. Manchester
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Large Format Photography