Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an integral part of the Crealdé family!

We welcome community members who have an interest in sharing their love of art with other and students over age 16 who require service hours for school. Following is a list of some of the volunteer opportunities at Crealdé. After receiving your application, we will meet with you to assess your interests and match them with our needs. You will then receive specific details and training for the areas in which you will serve.

Crealdé gives back to our valuable volunteers with free classes in exchange for hours worked. We encourage you to explore the opportunities below and become part of our dedicated group of volunteers who share their time and expertise.

All volunteers working with students under the age of 18 will need to pass state and federal background checks.

Volunteer Application Form

Classroom Assistant:
Assist a children’s instructor in preparation, student help, and clean up after classes.

Special Events or Opening Reception Crew:
Greet guests, serve food and beverage, host a membership table, count attendance, take surveys, direct parking

Crealdé Ambassador:
Represent Crealdé at community events such as art festivals, Fringe, etc.

Customer Services/Receptionist:
Answer incoming calls, direct visitors through galleries and to studios, monitor guest activity in the galleries and gift shop, handle registrations

Landscape Assistant:
Assist staff with various landscaping needs