African American Cultural Heritage

Quilters Hope Together
10 am- 4 pm, Monthly
Next Quilt Day: TBA

Mary Daniels, Hannibal Square Heritage Center Historian and Docent, leads this quilting program with residents of the greater Winter Park community. In the tradition of collaborative quilting, participants will gather once a month in the Heritage Center’s quilting room and work on individual or collaborative quilts. Sewing machines and some fabrics are available. Fees may apply for additional material.


11 – 11:30 am, Saturday
Next Storytelling Day: TBA

FREE Children’s Storytelling with Miss Minnie the Mule for toddlers and up! Time 11:00am-11:30
Miss Minnie comes to the Heritage Center once a month on Saturday. Dates to be determined
Meet Miss Minnie!
Miss Minnie goes to the Farmers Market!

What Heritage Means to Me Field Trip Program
Available for Public & Private Schools, and Homeschoolers
Groups at $10 per student/$150 minimum
OCPS 4th – 8th graders may be eligible for grant funding (school provides transportation)


What Heritage Means to Me is a two-hour field trip that is divided into three experiences including an interactive discussion and exploration of The Heritage Collection: Photographs and Oral Histories of West Winter Park, a walking tour of pertinent landmarks and mosaic timeline of African-American history, and a hands-on visual art workshop where students create a piece of folk art based on their family heritage and traditions.

Visiting the Hannibal Square Heritage Center takes the students into the learning environment where they can view photos and read personal stories about local heroes and understand how everyone can make a difference. This experience is a real world window into the power of diversity and global connections.

Contact us for more information about this Field Trip Program.

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