Hannibal Square Heritage Center

In keeping with Crealdé’s mission to foster an appreciation for diversity and preserve our cultural heritage through the arts, Crealdé founded the Hannibal Square Heritage Center in 2007 in partnership with the City of Winter Park Community Redevelopment Agency, to pay tribute to the city’s historic African-American community of Hannibal Square.

The Heritage Center continues to garner national media attention and critical accolades for its permanent collection of documentary photographs, oral histories and public art. The center permanently preserves and shares the history of this rapidly changing neighborhood through the stories of its residents and former residents. The center is an extension of Crealdé’s commitment to serve the west side community, which began with free art classes for children and seniors in the late 1990s.

“The Heritage Center is certainly a beacon of light that brings dignity to the community, as well as inspiration to all who visit from near and far. I truly appreciate and was moved by the wonderful exhibition of photographs and stories as told by residents from Winter Park’s historic African-American community. The Hannibal Square Heritage Center is a destination that I would recommend without reservation to those visiting Florida.” — Martin Luther King III, Atlanta, GA

For more information visit the center’s website.